Getting Started

Who is BlueDuck?


We’re a fintech company that provides financial services in Malaysia. We’re proud to offer a super-easy rental solution for people who are looking for a place to live or work in, whether it’s residential or commercial properties.

BlueDuck’s solutions have been recognised by MDEC, MRANTI, 1337 ventures and more. Winning several awards from BNM x 1337 Ventures Alpha Startups MYFintech Week 2022 , FWD, and SIDEC?s SAP 2022.

Does BlueDuck have a listing platform?

  • We don’t actually offer a platform for finding properties to rent, but no worries - there are plenty of listing platforms out there that can help you find your perfect home or workspace! Simply search through the platforms available in the market and find the one that suits your needs best and request for a zero deposit way to move in.

  • For agents/landlords, we provide a free user account for you to store your property details, you may share the URL link to your prospects.

Are you a property management company?


We’re not property managers, but we partner with them to offer our zero deposit and payment gateway services. This way, you can still get expert help while enjoying a smoother rental experience with BlueDuck.

The Application Process

Who pays for the Zero Deposit Program?


The tenant.

How much does it cost?

  • A tenant profiling fee is charged, and a small fee of 1% of each rental transaction.

  • And, an upfront one-time BD subscription fee, which is charged yearly. The cost of this fee is between 15% - 20% of a 3 months guarantees, depending on the credit score and BD scorecard, purpose of renting (commercial/residential) of the tenant.

  • A digital invoice will be issued to the tenant so remember to check your mailbox.

What is a Tenant Profile?

  • A tenant profile is a summary of a tenant’s personal and financial information, including employment, credit, and rental history. It helps landlords assess the risk of renting to a tenant and make informed decisions.

  • For tenants, you can demonstrate to potential landlords that you’re a responsible renter who pays rent on time, has a good credit history, and is likely to take good care of the property. This can help you stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of being approved for a rental property.

I am an expat, or international student. Can I still opt for this program?


Yes! As long as you have a Malaysia online banking account. Do submit the necessary information for us to verify and approve -

What are the steps to apply for this program?

  • 1) Get verified via by uploading your supporting documents like IC copy (front and back), employment letter and screenshot of your online banking account (shows you’re the account holder).
  • 2) Check email for your verification status update in 2 hours.
  • 3) After we process your application, just log in to your tenant portal to set up a one-time payment authorization as part of the onboarding process for our program and it makes paying your rent a breeze!
  • Your property agent or landlord is required to register a user account and upload the property and tenancy details. Register here.

How long does it take for BlueDuck to process an application?


As soon as we get the necessary information from the tenant and agents. For most applications, we provide a response within 2 hours.

Does every building/ landlord accept the Zero Deposit Program?


No, not every building/landlord ? but many do, and we’re adding more every day. Not to worry, though! If you apply for a property that’s not currently in our database, we’ll reach out to your agents/landlord and aim to get them onboarded quickly.

I have a 24 months tenancy, can I pay Zero Deposit Program in advance?


Yes! You’re encouraged to do so and with that, you’re entitled with a early bird discount!

I am an agent, can I offer this program to my tenants to speed up my sales process?


Yes! We’d love for you to spread the word and share our solution with others. Our Tenant Profile with BD ZDP has been proven to help agents close deals faster which means happy landlords and even happier agents.

I am a landlord, can I offer this program to my tenants for my property?


Yes! With BlueDuck, you can kick back and relax knowing that your tenant is fully verified and ready to rock. Once your tenant is all set, drafting the tenancy agreement and uploading the details to our BD Landlord portal is a breeze.

It’s the 2nd year of my tenancy, do I need to renew my Zero Deposit Program?

  • Yes! The subscription is valid for 12 months hence when you’re entering into another 12 months tenancy, please subscribe via your tenant portal.
  • Contact us if you have any questions!

BD Pay

What is BD Pay?


BD Pay is a FPX payment gateway. Using FPX, you can make your rent payments in just a few clicks, without ever forgetting to make payment. And for landlords, BD Pay makes collections a snap - no more chasing down tenants or waiting for checks to clear. It’s fast, easy, and super convenient for everyone involved.

How does BD Pay work?

  • Tenant shall do a 1 time authorise BD Pay for recurring collection (eg: rental/car park rental).
  • A total of 4 deductions will be scheduled in 3 weeks time of the month if the transaction is missed.
  • Good thing is that agents, landlords and tenants are updated with transaction status via portal and email!

What are the payment methods using BD Pay?


We’ve made it super easy for you to pay with either FPX auto-debit or your trusty credit card. Just choose your preferred method during sign up process.

How fast will I receive my rent if I use BD Pay as a service?

  • You shall receive your rent in T+1 day. If the collection date falls on a weekend or public holiday, it will be T+3 days.
  • View your transaction history via your BD Portal by selecting the property you wish to view.
  • View your transaction history via your BD Portal. Register here.

Can I only engage BD Pay as a service?

  • Yes! Definitely. Do find out more with us. Contact us.

I’ve got sufficient cash in my account to pay the rent, yet somehow the auto-debit fails. What could be the reason?

  • Every bank sets a particular minimum requirement for the balance in your account. So, even if you have enough funds to cover the rent, the deduction might fail if you don’t meet that minimum balance requirement. You can stay informed by checking your “available balance” or give a call to your bank and find out the exact minimum balance needed for your upcoming deduction


Do you provide drafting of tenancy agreement services?

  • Yes, we do provide drafting of tenancy agreement services! Our service includes an e-TA with e-stamping services for only RM200+stamp duty.
  • Once the agreement is drafted, both the tenant and landlord will receive an SMS link for viewing and e-signing the agreement on their device. This makes the process of creating and signing the agreement much simpler and quicker. After the agreement is signed, it will be sent to LHDN for e-stamping, ensuring that it is legally valid.

What is e-TA?


An e-TA (electronic tenancy agreement) is a legally binding agreement between a landlord and tenant that is created and signed electronically. It eliminates the need for paper-based documents and allows for a more convenient and efficient process.

What are e-stamping services?


E-stamping services refer to the process of electronically stamping the tenancy agreement with the relevant authorities to make it legally valid. This is done by paying the relevant stamp duty and obtaining an electronic stamp certificate. By using e-stamping services, you can eliminate the need for physical stamp papers and reduce the time and cost involved in obtaining them.

What information do you need for e-TA services?


We’ll need details of your property information like photos, property address, inventory lists, tenancy information like tenancy period, rental amount, and both tenant and landlord’s contact details.

Does BlueDuck have a mobile app?

  • Yes! Apple users download here and Android users may download here.

BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program (ZDP)

What is the Zero Deposit Program?

  • With our BlueDuck ZDP, you can say goodbye to having to fork out a ton of cash for deposits. Instead, all you need to do is pay a small fee that covers the cash deposit, and you’re good to go! This way, you can move into your new home or workspace without breaking the bank.

  • When it’s time for you to move out, youll only need to pay for any damages or unpaid rent that you’re responsible for, as per the terms of the tenancy agreement.

  • The program will compensate the landlord up to 3 months of rental amount on behalf of the tenant first in the event of tenant runaway, or rental default. Tenant will reimburse back to BlueDuck.

What are the benefits of the Zero Deposit Program?

  • Tenants can now lower their entry cost for move-ins and not be worried about double deposits when it?s time to move on to the next tenancy.

  • With this program, agents and landlords can now rent out to verified tenants which gives agents and landlords quality tenant candidates to choose from.

What are the requirements for tenants to kick-start Zero Deposit Program?


To kick-start ZDP as a tenant, you’ll need to go through:

  • tenant verification with BlueDuck and

  • agree to pay rent via BD Pay. Be a responsible tenant, and honour your agreement to avoid being registered in our preferred credit agency.

How do I know if Zero Deposit Program is activated?


Once we receive all the necessary details, your certificate between BlueDuck and you (the tenant) will be issued in just 3 working days. And as a bonus, your landlord will receive a copy of the certificate too. Just login to your BD Portal to retrieve it.

What is the tenure of the Zero Deposit Program?

  • The ZDP remains valid for 12 months from the time of activation, which is determined by either your tenancy start date or the payment made for the ZDP subscription.
  • If it is a 24 months tenancy period, a tenant is required to subscribe for the following 12 months tenancy.

Does the Zero Deposit Program work across all asset types?


Yes! Currently Zero Deposit Program is applicable for residential and commercial properties. Including room, unit, shop lot and offices.

Is ZDP available across Malaysia?


Yes! Wherever you are, BlueDuck will be there.

End of tenancy

I had to terminate my tenancy earlier due to job relocation, what should I do?

  • If you’re thinking of ending your tenancy early, the rules for doing so will depend on what you agreed to in your contract with your landlord. And if there are any disagreements, you and your landlord should work together to settle them through negotiations.
  • However, if failed to resolve the dispute, the Landlord shall be entitled to submit a claim to BlueDuck accordingly which is subject to BlueDuck?s approval.

Will I know if a claim is raised against me?


If a claim is filed against you by your landlord and BlueDuck approves it, BlueDuck will contact you via email to provide you with all the necessary details about the claim, including the amount which is up to 3 months of rental. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox and follow any instructions provided by BlueDuck promptly.

My tenant ran away, how do I make a claim?

  • Oh no! Please do make a police report in 48 hours and email to with your certificate number (as listed in your certificate of contract)
  • Claims are typically processed in 10 working days.

What does this Zero Deposit Program cover?

  • In the event of a tenant leaving the property uninformed and uncontactable or rental default after leaving the building, a landlord shall be entitled to submit a claim for up to 3 months of guarantees.
  • For more information, email to

The BD Portal

What is BD Portal?

  • BD Portal is the ultimate tool to level up your tenancy game. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, or agent, this platform has got you covered.
  • Each of you has your own login, so everyone can stay on the same page and avoid any confusion or miscommunication. Best of all, it’s totally transparent - you can access all the important info about your tenancy in one convenient spot. No more back-and-forth emails or missed messages.

How do landlords and agents store property details in BD Portal?


It’s easy, just log in and "add property". With BD Portal, you can check your transactions, request maintenance, and even view important documents like your tenancy agreement - all from the comfort of your own phone or computer.

How can BD Portal manage your tenancy?


BlueDuck’s portal is the ultimate tool for storing all your property and tenancy info in one place! Get automated rental payment and tenancy due reminders sent straight to tenants and landlords, so no one misses a beat. And with 90-day reminders before tenancy expiration, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

How do tenants utilise BD Portal?

  • With just a few clicks, you can set up a 1-time authorization direct debit using your tenant login. Plus, you can choose to pay with your credit card or FPX online banking.
  • There will be an email reminder to let you know when your tenancy is about to be due so you can avoid any late fees or penalties.

What are the details needed to update property?


To update your property, you will need to provide basic property information such as:

  • Property Address, property type, property photos and description, rental amount, agent/landlord contact details.

What are the details needed to update tenancy information?


To update your tenancy information, you will need to provide basic tenancy information such as:

  • Tenant’s details like name, registration number and email address.
  • Tenancy period, rental amount, landlord bank details, copy of signed tenancy agreement.

How can I check the details of my rental transaction?


To check your rental transaction details, all you gotta do is log in to your portal, pick the property you want to check, and hit the ’Payment History’ button. From there, you’ll be able to see all the deets you need, like how much rent you’ve made, date of the payment made. Easy peasy!

How can I retrieve my referral code?


It’s super easy! Just log in to your portal, head to "My Profile", and your referral code will be right there waiting for you.

How can I download my tenancy agreement?


Downloading your tenancy agreement or other documents is super easy. All you need to do is log in to your portal, select the property you want, and click on the download button. That’s it! You’ll have your document in no time.

Can you offer a white-label version of your BD Portal?